Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stress Bursterrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Mr.Schrodinger and Mr.Newton completely confused by the way Kepler behaved.Higgsy Bossy and Messy and dont believe, hard work and hardly any work.Superstitious beliefs and supreme success over a cup of hot vanilla icecream.Make no sense.just words.Rubbish if you want to call it.Idiot,Chuck out of life. No,I can and i ll do it.Partiality and nothing else.a piece of paperrrrrrrr and a long long looooooooooooong report. no use, no listeners and yes life is a boon to all those who do not grrrrrrrrrr or gurrrrrrrrrrr or murrrrrrrr with it.entrance examinations and travelogues, crazy and mess it up.Love all. live and let live. Over flow of thoughts.piano, instrumental in a approchable yet unapproachable way to decide whatever is happening to the great indian economy in producing the arithmetic of the logical formulae of the romance of music..aiyo!Bessel functions of all types is none of my type..enthralling and always exalted about the universal phenomena involved in the metamorphosis of a dead butterfly.. Sing and let it throw on you the influence of highly talented optimistic people with the highest degree of pessimistic approah in life.miss you, love you and yeah hate you in a way history and geography made their way into civics examination and finally became lawyers at the nearby hospital to investigate criminal cases in the department of food management and water crisis.
 Truly, Physically, chemically, blogically, historically, geographically, anatomically, astrologically, physiologically, astronomically, fully, completely, hardly, shortly, bravely, psychologically, enduringly, cinematically, mathematically, lovingly, faithfully, honestly, surely all the above furnished details are true to my knowledge except for the fact that Chief ingredient Mr.coordination is out of the coverage area!!
Please try again later!!!
Insanity overload!!!

Life is all about living.

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  1. extraordinary gibberish!!! Wonder where it originated from??!