Tuesday, 15 November 2011

what is that Component?????????

      Finally,Stepping into the final semester is all the more fun..A lot of expectations about what s going to happen in the next six months..Next year by now I ll be in a different college surrounded by different people and different atmosphere..Well leaving all that for now and looking back for a while,the ways things have changed looks crazy and funny...I grew up as a timid girl in a small yet beautiful town..To everyone I was an icon of silence..I was shy to talk to my classmates and relatives and all that I did was just smile.Though I got admitted into a city college, I never knew how my life would be..I thought I would remain even more timid and introvert...But,Something changed!!! Something to everyone's surprise!!
    I started talking,kidding,ragging,barking,meowing,howling and what not.It is two years since I stepped into college and now I am a package of words, a big fat mouthed  non stop radio!!!!what is that component that changed in me??No idea! absolutely noooooooooooo idea. It still remains an unresolved mystery!!Whatever, I am liking myself this way!:-):-):-)
Note to readers who know me: If you are not convinced about this decision,Sorry,Nothing can be done about this.Its already too late.:-):-)

Friday, 28 October 2011

A different Diwali indeed!!

Diwali,the much awaited festival of the year has finally arrived and what a festive day it turned out to be,complete with its share of adventures.The sky was overcast and it looked like it might pour any momen,but braving the weather and the hostile road conditions in chennai, four volunteers at the seva samajam centre,egmore decided to light up those pretty little faces on this special occasion! Since it was all planned in the last moment,We couldn't put together elaborate programs for the children,so it turned out to be a simple event,nevertheless the kids were elated to see us.They recieved us with wide smiles and greetings.We spent time talking with them(For once we let the kids do the most part of talking) and then it was time for sweets! We distributed sweets and chocolates that we had brought with us and clicked photos with the kids.The kids were obviously delighted to pose for the camera.Having made the kids feel special and important,it was finally time for us to leave.I personally loved every moment of it.This turned out to be a different diwali indeed!!As for the adventure part,it was in the evening,I will post about it later.

Monday, 24 October 2011

On to Diwali!!!

   The time for sweets,new dresses and of course, crackers is back!! Though semester is on its way approaching as fast as possible, Diwali is more demanding! Its demanding enjoyment and fun..With just two days to go, Diwali induces into everyone that sense of joy and pride..And rain as usual,putting off the 'cracker mood' every now and then but still making everyone hop after a really looooooooooooong summer...Enjoy as much as you can...On this day, I wish everyone a happy and safe diwali!!!
Note:Please have a look at the night sky on diwali for a visual treat!!(Be careful as well):-)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hols finally!

Its been a long time since i posted,the past few weeks were the most hectic  days of this semester.tests,assignments tests,LDC presentation ,lab files submission.I am glad i survived all this without breaking down.one look at our faces,our teacher knew what we were going through'You look like you are about to burst into tears any moment'. If at all I could blame anybody for my pitiable situation,it was myself!I waited till the last moment to prepare for my tests.I am used to 11th hour preparations,thats what I have been doing all along but this time it was different and I hadn't realised that i was in the final year,so had to do Six core papers,2 assignment tests for each paper.so 12 tests back to back. I promised myself i wouldn't let this happen again.Next semester i hope to do my regular lessons,as well as prepare for my entrance exams.Hopefully history wouldn't repeat itself!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

A day to forget!!Part 1

The day began on a usual note...I woke up at 6.55 am and realised I was awfully late for college.I had to hurry..and then it struck me it was a lab day!!.I had a repeat experiment.That means I have to be all the more careful while doing the experiment,I wouldn't get another chance. I had to get the observation sheets ready for the day.That should be easy.!Nope!!I couldn't find the experiment notes.. Spent close to 10 minutes searching for them.Finally found it.It was already too late.I ran into the bathroom for my bath only to find empty buckets.No water!Someone forgot to turn on the motor!!I managed with whatever little was available.No water to take bath but it was pouring outside!!It was raining cats and dogs!!After a quick breakfast I stepped outside armed with my umbrella.I hadn't expected the streets to be flooded with knee deep water.My bus stop is quite a distance away from my home.So i had to wade through all the water and finally reached my destination.I was already drenched.Another 10 minutes wait for bus/share auto.By then I had given up all hopes for the first hour attendance.I had to be there at 8.It was already 7.55 and I had just got into the share auto.The driver seemed to be driving at a snail's pace with infinitely often stops on the way and we reached the Nelson Manickam road.And thats the climax of the journey!!Traffic butter and Jam!!Because of the rains!!The drainage system wasn't functioning and water had got into the engines of vehicles.As a result the small cars and motor cycles had got stranded right in the middle of the bridge..Nobody got anywhere for the next one hour.But I had to be in college by the second hour.I cant afford to miss a lab class!! So i decided I would walk to college! there ends the first part!Am too tired after the long day.Will post the rest tommo.Hopefully..

Monday, 26 September 2011

When darkness can add to the beauty of life!!!

For all those who feel life is so boring- Go around and explore what Life has in store for you..Do go crazy at times.Try out stuff  (It might seem silly to others)..Look deep into darkness and you are sure to find that light which has more meaning and value than taking for granted the light that comes your way..
Wish you all a happy and crazy life.:-)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Whats up??

There are times when I wonder whether I should continue with physics..or leave it for good.Sometimes I feel Iam simply not putting enough effort and thats why I find it difficult, On the other hand the subject itself is becoming too abstract.Am confused..I dont want to make a descision now and regret later.Physics was my passion for a long time.Now am not too sure..Surely God has a plan for me..Hope He reveals it to me soon.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Someday you will be old enough to read this...

Never has anyone tested my patience so much..As usual I am cramming the day before the exams and the TWO year old with absolutely no care in world keeps banging on the door non-stop..At last am forced to open the door and and there she stands with her wide smile and the truly innocent face.I cant help but smile too..Tipu!!Now that she is leaving I feel a part of me is going away with her..Life would never be the same again..I will be constantly reminded of her.The Wonderful evenings I spent with her will be etched in my memory forever.. Iwill miss her sorely
To Tipu,
Someday you will be old enough to read this( hopefully the blog will exist!)You have played a very important role in my life. You are truly God's GIFT...I love you Tipu..

Saturday, 10 September 2011

On World Grandparents' Day!!
                         Yes, The day is finally set to come-The day to celebrate the worth and value of each and every grandparent on earth.The mellifluous care and unconditional love-What else can ever substitute these feelings and emotions..On this day, I feel its our responsibility to make them stand proud amidst others. Now ,on behalf of the entire grandchildren community, I wish every grandparent a VERY HAPPY GRANDPARENTS' DAY!!.Let God bless each of you with good health and cheers:-):-):-) Love you loads!!
when shadows can mean much more !!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

When there is absolutely no coherence in thoughts!!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Checking out the checks!!!
What is very common that we notice today? A hike in petrol prices? Popping up of hi-fi malls? More cars than bikes? What else? CHECKED SHIRTS is what I feel is being very common to note everywhere. Age limit and gender bias break down at this point. From small to big and bright to dull, these shirts have definitely bore a place into the lives of people. Look back for a while! Are these checks new to our society? Definitely not. They once existed among the other clothing, without much recognition and reputation. But now, it has rooted itself firmly into the soil called society. The only reason I feel is that we always ape into what others think and like and make things happen such that there is a perfect harmony in the current fashion. Think different! Live life for yourselves and relish the happiness to the core! Why to be monotonous always, when the space around you has so much more to give! So for all those who read, Stop checking out for what is present and try something else!!!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Long weekend!

Ok here it is..the much awaited holidays!lots of stuff to do but dont feel like doing anything..why does this feeling always set in during hols?Would be one hectic month after the hols..long test3,class trip,college play,seminars and presentations,repeat experiments in lab..2nd long test was awful..so ought to the next one really well.hope to complete atleast some of the work otherwise i would be in a soup!