Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday So glow.
Thanks for being with us and listening to all our stories!
You are such a wonderful friend!!:-):-)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

A dose of nostalgia

Wouldn’t it be wonderful when you get a chance to meet your classmates after 30 years since you finished schooling? I just attended one such get together along with my mother at Sri NKC Hr.Sec School, Kurusukuppam. A month ago, when I and my mom went for shopping, we met one of her school mates. As they were talking, they got a plan to trace back their friends and organize a get together. At that moment, it sounded insane- to trace back 51 students and organize a party! Impossible! 

Today, it has come true in the form of PEARLS (Pondicherry Experienced, Active Reunion of Living Students). It was not just an alumni meet but a revolution and milestone in the history of government schools in Pondicherry. A team of six students took the initiative to trace back, not just their friends but their teachers and Principal. It was a simple yet wonderful meet! It started with an invocation song followed by inaugural address, speech by the teachers, tree planting, silent prayer in memory of their lost friends, self introduction by the students, presentation of mementos, vote of thanks and a grand buffet. One of the teachers rightly pointed out this meet as a new mode of Social Networking. It proved to be a definite treat for the nostalgic memories.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Bon Voyage- A journey into art

Butterflies in stomach,
Thudding  heart,
Sleepless nights!!
These are the symptoms that I am experiencing right now due to an entirely new atmosphere over here. Its almost a month since college started. Right from my first class, I ve been put to various tests either directly or indirectly by the people around .I never imagined post graduation to be so different from under graduation. At times, I get the feeling that I have not understood anything in Physics. What soothes me is that there are quite a few people in class who feel exactly like me and we have become very good friends.Though the faculty members are soft, every time a professor enters the class, there would be a sudden rush of adrenaline in my body. Our Mathematical Physics professor is a mobile alarm reminding us about GATE and JRF every time he writes a differential equation on the board. In electronics class, I start feeling ravenously hungry even if it is the very first class of the day. Numerical methods is fun and that is the only class, I keep my mouth shut and ears wide open. Today, We had Freshers Party which was so beautifully organised unlike what we expected. There was a formal session with the professors followed by an interaction session with our seniors.  It started with a song and then we had to pick chits and perform whatever was written on it- It had absolutely everything- Dance, Mock Cookery show, Cat walk and JAM and during my turn I got to talk on 'Tubelight' for a minute.I tried making it as funny as possible with absolutely no sense in it and the best thing is that they all loved it.It was definitely a refreshing day and I also got new friends after interaction.Hope everything goes on well from here for the next two years !