Friday, 18 January 2013


BCD to Decimal Converter: It is no more than a stopgap death trap inside Physics Laboratory.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bondas and Maxwell's equations

Working late in the night to finish my assignment on Maxwell's equation, am thinking of hot yummy bondas..All thanks to this equation. What would the time derivative of a bonda mean? I Wonder what the fourth equation would remind me of.. may be bajjis. Sigh!! have to get back to work..

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Big Screen Bonanza

            For almost fourteen years, I have always put down the idea of watching movies- It has never really appealed. I have made all possible and lame excuses to escape from watching a movie, be it at home or at a theatre. Last week, after much confusion whether to go on a day out , I and my friends finally decided to go for a movie. I was absolutely excited as I have planned to try new things this year and going to a movie was a great start. 

            The movie was Life of Pi, an Indian drama by Ang Lee and it proved to be a visual treat right from the start (though we were five minutes late). It is an adventurous and emotional story of an Indian boy,Pi and a furious tiger, Richard Parker who survive a shipwreck.I loved it to the core and to me, it did hammer home the fact that certain movies can be appealing too. With neat emotions, a mellifluous background score and amazing visual effects, there is no wonder that this film will bag a few Oscars this year. And yes, I have changed my attitude towards movies. It is a sure thing that I am not going to miss anything from the Big Screens from now on.