Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Butterflies in stomach,
Thudding  heart,
Sleepless nights!!
These are the symptoms that I am experiencing right now due to an entirely new atmosphere over here. Its almost a month since college started. Right from my first class, I ve been put to various tests either directly or indirectly by the people around .I never imagined post graduation to be so different from under graduation. At times, I get the feeling that I have not understood anything in Physics. What soothes me is that there are quite a few people in class who feel exactly like me and we have become very good friends.Though the faculty members are soft, every time a professor enters the class, there would be a sudden rush of adrenaline in my body. Our Mathematical Physics professor is a mobile alarm reminding us about GATE and JRF every time he writes a differential equation on the board. In electronics class, I start feeling ravenously hungry even if it is the very first class of the day. Numerical methods is fun and that is the only class, I keep my mouth shut and ears wide open. Today, We had Freshers Party which was so beautifully organised unlike what we expected. There was a formal session with the professors followed by an interaction session with our seniors.  It started with a song and then we had to pick chits and perform whatever was written on it- It had absolutely everything- Dance, Mock Cookery show, Cat walk and JAM and during my turn I got to talk on 'Tubelight' for a minute.I tried making it as funny as possible with absolutely no sense in it and the best thing is that they all loved it.It was definitely a refreshing day and I also got new friends after interaction.Hope everything goes on well from here for the next two years !

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