Wednesday, 5 September 2012

                                          My Beloved... Anna Nagar!!

What is happening to you??  You are not the same any more.Your alluring charm seems to be missing these days. Ever since the metro rail work started, the beautiful tree lined avenues of yours have turned nightmarish. I thought I knew you so well,  But am mistaken...The numerous take diversion sign boards has left me scratching my head. The once calm and peaceful streets have become glutted with vehicles of all sizes, pedestrians who scurry hither and thither trying to get across the road for no one knows where the zebra crossing is.Pollution and dust seems to have enveloped you from all sides. It sure is becoming hellish for all of us. Initially I didn't realise the large scale of your transformation and now that I do, am not able to digest the so called transitional changes! I want you to get back to being the endearing and the adorable Anna Nagar You once were! With Your land mark arches due to be pulled down in a week, I cant help but shed tears..One look at the arch and I knew I was home. Am going to miss that feeling. I know its not easy for you either. I hope you become your usual self soon.

With Love,
Your resident of 20 years.

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