Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Big Screen Bonanza

            For almost fourteen years, I have always put down the idea of watching movies- It has never really appealed. I have made all possible and lame excuses to escape from watching a movie, be it at home or at a theatre. Last week, after much confusion whether to go on a day out , I and my friends finally decided to go for a movie. I was absolutely excited as I have planned to try new things this year and going to a movie was a great start. 

            The movie was Life of Pi, an Indian drama by Ang Lee and it proved to be a visual treat right from the start (though we were five minutes late). It is an adventurous and emotional story of an Indian boy,Pi and a furious tiger, Richard Parker who survive a shipwreck.I loved it to the core and to me, it did hammer home the fact that certain movies can be appealing too. With neat emotions, a mellifluous background score and amazing visual effects, there is no wonder that this film will bag a few Oscars this year. And yes, I have changed my attitude towards movies. It is a sure thing that I am not going to miss anything from the Big Screens from now on.

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