Friday, 22 August 2014

Embryo Unallowed

Her clan swarm to party the day,
Cheers! she is in the family way.
Puddings and pastries fill her tray,
Softly she says hip hip hurray!

The day comes like a thundercloud,
Her kith and kin are no more proud.
For she bears an embryo unallowed,
A birth that will end under a shroud.

She will have rosy cheeks and a little chin,
So what? we won’t let her life begin.
She will do us proud, earn wings and win,
No,she is a burden, bringing pain and sin.

Words descend like pricks and stings,
She writhes on the bed and lowly sings,
A trite little verse for the unborn wings,
Apologizing for the heinous things.

She twitches and turns out of dying pain,
Little angel, she drowns in the void in vain.
Women, they think, put an extrinsic strain,
On humanity which is simple and plain.

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