Tuesday, 15 November 2011

what is that Component?????????

      Finally,Stepping into the final semester is all the more fun..A lot of expectations about what s going to happen in the next six months..Next year by now I ll be in a different college surrounded by different people and different atmosphere..Well leaving all that for now and looking back for a while,the ways things have changed looks crazy and funny...I grew up as a timid girl in a small yet beautiful town..To everyone I was an icon of silence..I was shy to talk to my classmates and relatives and all that I did was just smile.Though I got admitted into a city college, I never knew how my life would be..I thought I would remain even more timid and introvert...But,Something changed!!! Something to everyone's surprise!!
    I started talking,kidding,ragging,barking,meowing,howling and what not.It is two years since I stepped into college and now I am a package of words, a big fat mouthed  non stop radio!!!!what is that component that changed in me??No idea! absolutely noooooooooooo idea. It still remains an unresolved mystery!!Whatever, I am liking myself this way!:-):-):-)
Note to readers who know me: If you are not convinced about this decision,Sorry,Nothing can be done about this.Its already too late.:-):-)

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