Friday, 28 October 2011

A different Diwali indeed!!

Diwali,the much awaited festival of the year has finally arrived and what a festive day it turned out to be,complete with its share of adventures.The sky was overcast and it looked like it might pour any momen,but braving the weather and the hostile road conditions in chennai, four volunteers at the seva samajam centre,egmore decided to light up those pretty little faces on this special occasion! Since it was all planned in the last moment,We couldn't put together elaborate programs for the children,so it turned out to be a simple event,nevertheless the kids were elated to see us.They recieved us with wide smiles and greetings.We spent time talking with them(For once we let the kids do the most part of talking) and then it was time for sweets! We distributed sweets and chocolates that we had brought with us and clicked photos with the kids.The kids were obviously delighted to pose for the camera.Having made the kids feel special and important,it was finally time for us to leave.I personally loved every moment of it.This turned out to be a different diwali indeed!!As for the adventure part,it was in the evening,I will post about it later.

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