Saturday, 31 March 2012


As my time in WCC draws to a close,I cant help looking back at the three years I have spent here.How i wish i was in a relativistic space ship travelling at the speed of light,Time would stand still or if anyone builds a time travel machine I would certainly want to go back to the first day I joined WCC.Treasure trove of memories!What a lot we have learnt,How well we gelled together as a class.Of the three years,the last year was the most exciting and the most memorable.Though the schedule seemed hectic and strenous,6 hours of regular lab+3 hours of microprocessor lab in a week.Now I Know I had loved every moment of it!Sitting through the theory classes wasn't easy either.Sometimes I have felt completely lost,baffled by the humongous equations! (Always wondered how could an Hydrogen atom so teeny tiny be so complicated and difficult to understand)Neverthless I managed to scrape through the tests.Now I know quite a bit of physics too! including quantum mechanics.(Hope my QM teacher doesn't read this).We had wonderful professors ever willing to guide and encourage us,sometimes strict, sometimes easygoing.Its hard not to get smitten by their passion for the subject! Iam obliged to thank them all! Dr Anna Siromoney,Dr Mercy Rajasekhar,Dr Usha Desai,Ms Sabitha, Ms Kalavathi Shanthi,Ms Joice,Ms Christina Nancy! How lucky we were to have You! I wouldn't get another chance to sit in your classes.I cant believe its all over.And to all my friends(Shakthi,Anjaly,Sharmila,Nivea,Suganya,Grace,Prathyusha,Jennifer,Charis.. and the list goes on...) who made my time in WCC unforgettable.Thank You! I will miss you all! Though I wish We didn't have to leave,Life offers bigger and better opportunities, so keep moving on and stay true to spirit of WCC 'Lighted to Lighten'. God bless.

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  1. i really dont know what to comment for this... i wish we had studied in wcc for some more time.. will miss everything..:(:(:(:(