Thursday, 12 April 2012

When Life is a Tremor

Yesterday, after the tremor of Sumatra shook parts of Chennai, there was hustle and bustle everywhere. All the private and public sector companies including those ever open IT companies closed owing to the Tsunami alert. Life is priceless! Jam packed roads, crowded pathways and the booming vehicles added to the tension. Life is priceless!  Amidst such a boisterous environment, sat a man in torn clothes scratching his head, unnoticed, uncared, ignored by all and indeed unware of the life saving TSUNAMI WARNING. His hair curled down his wrinkled face. His eyes were fixed upon those feet which hurriedly passed by (that literally ran for life!), hoping for someone to drop a penny into the broken bowl beside him. What is life for a man like him? A thousand dollar business? Or a multimillion share in the stock market? No. His life is all about the penny that you drop into the bowl. His life is all about saving money for a meal. This is the state of mentally retarded people in our country. Such a shame!  When you see someone really suffer, extend your help. Ignore the grumpy and cruel society behind you! I did not help the man yesterday but I am in such guilt. It hurts now. For all those who read this, however rich you are, however talented you are, have a little concern for the people around you. Life is priceless not just for us but for everyone !

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