Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hopeless in Chennai!!

I will have to say this is not the best time for a chennaite. Incessant power cuts, fuel crisis,the sweltering  heat and to top it all CSK not winning the IPL. And add to that list my personal woes! Just out of college and looking for master's admission. Once the semester exams got over, I was hoping to relax for a while, but no it wouldn't happen! Preparing for the innumerable entrance exams and interviews leaves you with very little energy to do anything else! And if exam preparation doesn't sap your spirits then the cumbersome admission process of the universities will! A friend of mine once remarked as you grow older you get very little time to do nothing and even if you do, you would probably become sick from the guilt of doing nothing. Where is the time to stop and stare?? And when I see the the neighbourhood children playing merrily,It seems like they belong to a different world. Iam confronted with one question. Why do I have to grow up?? Ofcourse being an adult has its own advantages but at the moment I would prefer to be the little girl riding the bicycle with her arms wide open!

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