Saturday, 2 February 2013

Eat at a Roadside Shop Day

I know how stupid it is to search for a Pani Puri shop at about 10 in the night. As I was returning home from French class, my eyes were scanning the streets to spot a roadside eatery to celebrate this unique day with crispy puris with tangy filling. But I could not find and it did irritate me a bit as I had been fasting since evening for devouring the roadside feast.No use worrying about it.Slowly, my dreams of those little puris started fading.

Reaching home, I found a packet lying on the table. What is it?? Ah, A feast has been awaiting ! A packet of noodles from one of the famous roadside hotels.Our neighbour had bought it for me.What a coincidence!! 
Lovely. It is indeed 'Eat a Roadside delicacy at Home Day' for me.

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