Saturday, 20 April 2013

From my Quantum Letter Pad

Dear Schrodinger,
It has been a very long time since I wrote to you. How are you and how is everything going on in your 0 dimensional Flatland ? I guess there is a monstrous clash between the groups led by Einstein and Newton. Why don't you ask them to commute with each other ? This might put a stop to the non linearity and chaos that is penetrating into your orderly world. I am very sorry for your loving pet, the cat. I heard from Heisenberg that it is both dead and alive. I know how well you superposed with the little cat.I am worried about Heisy too. He is still uncertain about his future.Though he has grand ideas to work on, a little failure perturbs and pulls him down exponentially. He is either wasting energy or time. Hey! Guess what ? Met a guy yesterday. OMG, I have never seen someone like him before. People say that he is an absolute zero in everything but I find that dude so cool. His name is Kelvin. When you come home, let us have a day out together and you will love him too. You have promised to tunnel through our infinite dimensional land sometime in the past future. Keep up your promise !! We are all degenerately excited about it.

With great quanta of love,


  1. I am giving you one like for this but just for your information (in case you don't notice since it might seem as a small like) superposed into it are thousands of likes of various amplitudes and phases!

    Been waiting for this one, buddy. Way to go!!!

  2. Never mind. Dear Fourier will come handy to analyse your likes. Thank you!!