Sunday, 18 August 2013

Just another day...

Same quaint quantum mechanics on a Friday afternoon, I was intently trying to concentrate on the ket vectors when my friend who had been fidgeting around for sometime suggested that we go to the beach after the class gets over. I instantly agreed. It was decided that we would go the besant nagar beach instead of the Marina. Well beach is beach, who cares! All I wanted was to gorge on some sizzling hot cauliflower pakodas and potato bajjis with the sound of waves crashing in the background .

All set we were ready to leave by 3.It was still early but the weather wasn't too hot, however there was a problem, the thought of travelling from besant nagar back to anna nagar in the rush hours made me sigh, suddenly I was not sure if I wanted to go .It was just three of us, I didnt want to upset their plans, so we boarded the bus to besant nagar with a reluctant me already feeling tired.We got down at the stop and a immediately a sweet stall caught our attention and that was the just the beginning of our onslaught. we had limited resources, we wanted to save the money so had to settle for vegetable puffs.It was hot and crispy. After  finishing our quick snack, we walked along the road, and took a left turn and  the beach came into full view.

There is something about the large water body, that instantly calms you down maybe it is the feeling of  insignificance of our own little troubled lives. Anyway my friends aren't the philosophical type. Any such deep musing would bring about reactions that you can see when one is asked to obtain the frobenius solution for the hermite differential equations. So I kept it to myself, while letting the gentle waves wash over my feet.

There were very few people, the evening crowd was yet to arrive so we thought we had the beach to ourselves and of course as it always happens with us , we found some ridiculous company!! Three men, supposedly professors from a university wanted to know what the heck we were doing in the beach, how many siblings each of us had, where we lived, what we had for lunch!! For God's sake!! I Wished I could shout in their face to mind their own business! After tirelessly answering their questions, we were  hungry again. The shops had opened, we went to a stall selling Bajjis. The bajjis and pakodas were too good to describe or may be the setting was so perfect that it felt divine. We promised ourselves that we  would do this often.  

we had very little money to begin with and I had spent my money on a soothsayer who said I could have up to five kids if i wanted to. My friends weren't too happy with this, I could have used the money for buying Ice cream and soda!! But then I  felt sorry for the lady and decided to give her a chance to predict my future. Now all our money was gone. Left with no choice we crossed the road to reach the nearest ATM. Thanks to my friend who always has the presence of mind to carry her debit card wherever she goes. 
Now we had enough money to get all we wanted,! We decided we would  try the Fish!  There were too many varieties  to choose from, not being sure how they would taste, We opted for a smaller one. It wasn't as good as we expected it to be, nevertheless we finished it.
After the spicy fish we had to eat something sweet, there was an old man selling soan papdi. we meandered along the shore ,stuffing ourselves with the delicious white wispy dessert.

It was starting to get late and I had to travel 20 kms to get back home.If You think we are done, You couldn't be more wrong.  We still hadn't had the ice creams. we went to a vendor selling kwality walls ice creams, bought three chocobars. We sat on the bench and ate it in silence,the ice cream was melting fast we couldn't lose time talking!
We walked back to the bus stop and stopping on the way at the famous besant nagar church to pray.  The fatigue had gone, we were in high spirits.It was time to board our respective buses. I felt happy and grateful for the great friends I had and for the beautiful times we had together.
Truly a day well spent!! 

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