Friday, 2 September 2011

Checking out the checks!!!
What is very common that we notice today? A hike in petrol prices? Popping up of hi-fi malls? More cars than bikes? What else? CHECKED SHIRTS is what I feel is being very common to note everywhere. Age limit and gender bias break down at this point. From small to big and bright to dull, these shirts have definitely bore a place into the lives of people. Look back for a while! Are these checks new to our society? Definitely not. They once existed among the other clothing, without much recognition and reputation. But now, it has rooted itself firmly into the soil called society. The only reason I feel is that we always ape into what others think and like and make things happen such that there is a perfect harmony in the current fashion. Think different! Live life for yourselves and relish the happiness to the core! Why to be monotonous always, when the space around you has so much more to give! So for all those who read, Stop checking out for what is present and try something else!!!

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