Thursday, 29 September 2011

A day to forget!!Part 1

The day began on a usual note...I woke up at 6.55 am and realised I was awfully late for college.I had to hurry..and then it struck me it was a lab day!!.I had a repeat experiment.That means I have to be all the more careful while doing the experiment,I wouldn't get another chance. I had to get the observation sheets ready for the day.That should be easy.!Nope!!I couldn't find the experiment notes.. Spent close to 10 minutes searching for them.Finally found it.It was already too late.I ran into the bathroom for my bath only to find empty buckets.No water!Someone forgot to turn on the motor!!I managed with whatever little was available.No water to take bath but it was pouring outside!!It was raining cats and dogs!!After a quick breakfast I stepped outside armed with my umbrella.I hadn't expected the streets to be flooded with knee deep water.My bus stop is quite a distance away from my home.So i had to wade through all the water and finally reached my destination.I was already drenched.Another 10 minutes wait for bus/share auto.By then I had given up all hopes for the first hour attendance.I had to be there at 8.It was already 7.55 and I had just got into the share auto.The driver seemed to be driving at a snail's pace with infinitely often stops on the way and we reached the Nelson Manickam road.And thats the climax of the journey!!Traffic butter and Jam!!Because of the rains!!The drainage system wasn't functioning and water had got into the engines of vehicles.As a result the small cars and motor cycles had got stranded right in the middle of the bridge..Nobody got anywhere for the next one hour.But I had to be in college by the second hour.I cant afford to miss a lab class!! So i decided I would walk to college! there ends the first part!Am too tired after the long day.Will post the rest tommo.Hopefully..

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