Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hols finally!

Its been a long time since i posted,the past few weeks were the most hectic  days of this semester.tests,assignments tests,LDC presentation ,lab files submission.I am glad i survived all this without breaking look at our faces,our teacher knew what we were going through'You look like you are about to burst into tears any moment'. If at all I could blame anybody for my pitiable situation,it was myself!I waited till the last moment to prepare for my tests.I am used to 11th hour preparations,thats what I have been doing all along but this time it was different and I hadn't realised that i was in the final year,so had to do Six core papers,2 assignment tests for each 12 tests back to back. I promised myself i wouldn't let this happen again.Next semester i hope to do my regular lessons,as well as prepare for my entrance exams.Hopefully history wouldn't repeat itself!

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